It’s like no one ever told him cats don’t like water. 



Because I was a bit busy this term, here’s a highlight of my June.

First photo: (hopefully) this would be my last term schedule and i’ll be out for internship when September starts. Though I have half days i’m still having a hard time to blog. I wanna customize my theme and buy a domain.

Second photo: These 3 girls actually cried, talked about their love life all the time i was with them, while all I do was to eat and watch movies. Lesson learned: Girls are girls.

Third photo: 18th birthday celebration of my Bro Van Halen. Missed my High school best friends! They’re the best!!

Fourth photo: A wacky photo of our org photo shoot for this year’s gearbook. (one-two-three-mtics)

Fifth photo: A-not-so-formal group picture as we accomplished our experiment for Industrial Electronics Circuit. Engineering students be like “gastos na naman” You should have seen how this miniature water tank sends a feedback when the water fills the tank!!

Sixth photo: As part of the University’s chorale, we sang for the Baccalaureate Mass for the graduates, and when the recessional song is about to end, heavy rain suddenly poured out. Come on! Sing for the Lord!

Seventh photo: Witnessed Big Sister’s graduation last Friday. An engineer in our family. Hopefully, i’ll be the next. haha! Never felt so motivated again since i’ve watched them march and received their diplomas.

Eight photo: From plain white comes a cool galaxy printed bag. Mahmah Wilson customized my bag into this! Feeling thankful!

There’s much more to share. I hope you find your past month great too. Take care everyone!